Thursday, December 4, 2008


It's here in shillong that I have seen some intererting first names. I just want to share the fun. So here goes...
1. Becareful
2. Firmly
3. Thankyou
4. Beautiful
5. Powerful
6. Carefully
7. Emergency
8. Unique
9. Optimum
(the best is yet to come)
10. Toilet
11. Flush
(Toilet is the mother of Flush)
I can't help it if you don't believe me.


Pankaj Phukan said...

i know you can't help it, but i still find it hard to believe. will have to ask my sis who's at shillong..

gawd! toilet- that's a name?!

rajarshi said...

I think I do believe you, We stayed with a Jaintia family, who were Great landlords by the way, and I have heard some hilarious examples too, the large Khasi and Jaintia community at Haflong gave my mum students with names lke "Powder", "Lakme" and a lot many more...Aren't they great?