Sunday, November 14, 2010


Always sleep with the lights on,
The demons will soon be here.
Slaves unto death of the Satan's son,
They feel neither remorse nor fear.
They do what they are wrought to do,
Carnage in their wake they leave.
And then all one can do is rue
One's fate: and at the loss of lives grieve.
See that distante dark cloud of dust?
It's them coming, run away fast.

They can not be killed, they rise again,
They have what has to be the curse of life.
Full of power, yet they know not how to be vain,
They recognise only the language of the knife.
See that approaching deadly cloud of dust?
Run if you value your life, run away fast.

Friday, November 12, 2010


1. May his sole rest in piss.
2. All that is colourless is not vodka.
3. A little dope is a wonderful thing.
4. A tandoori chicken in the stomach is worth two in the tandoor.
5. A peg of whisky is a joy forever.
6. A bore and his girlfriend are soon parted.
7. Two pegs a day keeps the cardiologist away.
8. What you eat is what you puke.
9. A drunk man will clutch at anything.
10. A joint in time saves wine.