Friday, November 12, 2010


1. May his sole rest in piss.
2. All that is colourless is not vodka.
3. A little dope is a wonderful thing.
4. A tandoori chicken in the stomach is worth two in the tandoor.
5. A peg of whisky is a joy forever.
6. A bore and his girlfriend are soon parted.
7. Two pegs a day keeps the cardiologist away.
8. What you eat is what you puke.
9. A drunk man will clutch at anything.
10. A joint in time saves wine.


The Cynic said...

A drink in need is a friend indeed.

A little chakna is a dangerous thing.

A rolling stone gathers no kids.

All roads lead to bars. (Especially in P.B. Shillong)

Don't count your children before they're born (may not be yours).

Don't put all your nuts in one sac.

Two is company but three is an orgy.

Man, am I good at it!
What about a book, eh?

blackgames said...

Yeah, we could try it. PeeBee's New Book of English Proverbs. (Sure Pass.)

moon said...

All roads lead to bars only in Shillong???????I guess thy do elsewhere too..........:)

Is that a doc saying that 2 drinks a day keeps the cardiologist away????