Tuesday, March 31, 2009


All ties broken, all threads torn,
I can not venture in to the past I have known.
I move in to the future with eyes sewn shut,
Searching for something, not knowing what.
It pours tears and it rains blood,
I swim, I drown, in the ensuing flood.
All the hopes, all memories worn,
All ties broken, all threads torn.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is beautiful when you start living a lie,
In the deepest niches, writhing you die.
When you smile and frolick and laugh,
And to yourself you can not but bluff.
When you hide and kill a part of your mind,
And those that you can not leave behind.
When you thrash around in your bed,
And all your lies get to your head.
When you are lonely, when you are lost,
And that is when I smile the most.

Monday, March 23, 2009


A cloudy gray sky swollen with rain.
The vagrant's wiles did make him gain
The home he wished for, a place in hell.
Scathing fires and boiling oil in the wells.
Screaming souls tortured and raped,
The perpetrators in billowing cloaks draped.
The vagrant smiled in memory of his sorrows great,
An accessory to murder: his ultimate fate.


Departed lives on the eclipsed morn,
Seeking hot blood, the thirsty thorn.
The dead leaves and a cloud of dust,
The man of iron now encased in rust.
Yellow blood spilled, the thorn defiled
It gave birth to a deranged child.
Death and destruction: the destiny of joy
The child grew up in a day to a psychotic boy.

The thorn still needy, the thirst for lust.
But it died of hunger, it died too fast.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I guess I must be in love.
I see her whenever I close my eyes.
I lie down in my private cove
And I think of her as the music moves.
A beauty, a lovely smile.
Engrossing she, a gorgeous wile.
I am in love but I cannot speak to her
So many feelings: I am at war.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Orange and blue, as she glides past,
The heart beats faster, an emotion vast.
A whiff of her fragrance as she passes me by,
I breath in deep and cannot but sigh.
A flutter inside of me I can feel
Words are lost and the breeze stands still.
I close my eyes and heaven I see,
That she is what I want her to be.

The milling crowd fades on this day,
I hear their voices a thousand miles away.
I want to hear her voice, one that must be sweet,
For my ears, that should be a treat.
A pleasant pain surges through my veins,
A desert wishing for the invigorating rains.


People like to dream on.
Dreams: when one's mind becomes a con.
Nightmares, at least, are far better,
They come back to haunt one much later.

Sanity? What is supposed to be that?
If not the oddities of an insane brat.
Lunatics live in a land separated by walls.
That could be the only place, other worlds could be false.

The grass is green when one smokes and flies.
The sky feels ecstasy as it dies.
Dreams are dead, nightmares rule the night.
In this wrong world, that is the only thing right.


I stared as I sat alone
Hoping for a smile.
A light through her eyes shone
As she looked at me awhile.
I thought our eyes had met
But I turned my head away.
I looked at my shoes and thought that
I should not be feeling gay.
Wallowing in bed now, for everyone to see.
I feel so stupid. Stupid me...