Thursday, March 12, 2009


Orange and blue, as she glides past,
The heart beats faster, an emotion vast.
A whiff of her fragrance as she passes me by,
I breath in deep and cannot but sigh.
A flutter inside of me I can feel
Words are lost and the breeze stands still.
I close my eyes and heaven I see,
That she is what I want her to be.

The milling crowd fades on this day,
I hear their voices a thousand miles away.
I want to hear her voice, one that must be sweet,
For my ears, that should be a treat.
A pleasant pain surges through my veins,
A desert wishing for the invigorating rains.


rajarshi said...

And I have GOT TO see this paragon,,,

blackgames said...

Paragon hawai chappals?! Lol!
Really, though, she is gorgeous. Her smile causes tachycardia in me.