Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, recently I read "The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions" by Mario Puzo. There was was piece that made of read it again and again. Though I could not understand some of it, I loved all of it. Hope you guys enjoy it too. Here its for you, with due respect to, and admiration for, Mario Puzo :

And man has to love someone and since love is not durable...and must did, it follows that a man has to love many times. I'm not talking about lust...or those phony playacting affairs that men act out with complacent women. I mean a desire to love, a willingness to accept pain and humiliation and if necessary to be damaged. Women are more important thu I thought. And that's a really funny line... But it makes of mad...what I always thought a a weakness that a man must have to acquire or keep his strength.
And this is true of women as it is with men. It must be. And since they have even more much more damaged must they be for not being allowed to love.
And so what."

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Death, destruction. Decay and anger,
But to fidelity one is no stranger.
Hate, love. Psychosis and insanity,
Friendship? Start of an inane enmity.
Rotten, smelly. Odorous and fey,
Hell is Heaven, whatever one would say.
Dark, light. Noise and serenity
Idiocy is mostly the dearth of ingenuity.
Screams and shouts, a poor man raving
Where is the love? Is revenge forgiving?
A river of black blood to be drank,
Blood red grass dying on its bank.
A blue, blue sky right there to be killed.
An empty pitcher here, waiting to be filled.
Tomorrow is a hope, yesterday is stale,
Dance, smile, dance in the storm and hale.
A decaying body, a mind so horrendous,
Macabre; a venture of life so tremendous.
A pain, a rain, a licence to kill
Here and now, life and death, a test of will.
Seas of life, that are yet to be seen,
Heaven and Hell, and everything in between.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Sleepless, i think of the times gone by,
Sober, a little sad, silent i lie.
A grey evening and a black dawn,
Bright stars and a shadow reborn.
Bleak under the shadow, the world is wan,
Strong and supple is the fortified man,
Because slain and bleeding though they lie,
They still live on and refuse to die!

Friday, July 17, 2009


The brothers were named Sofi, Dermi, and Bill. They were the last survivors of the Kul family, mishappen and grotesque though they were. Kul was not their family name earlier, but they changed it in reverence to their famous father, Kulbhushan. Yeah, of Bollywood fame.
Now it is interesting how Bill got his name. He was a great fan of Bill Clinton. Long before the Monica affair, if any perverts are wondering otherwise. Bill Kul even learned to play the saxophone while he was in his mother's womb. Surprising but true. He cried in tune of a saxophone the moment he was delivered. Swear! Sofi Kul and Dermi Kul knew nothing of music, the imbeciles. But Dermi gave his name to a famous brand of prickly heat powder. Sofi Kul had no ambition in this world other tin sleeping and day dreaming.
All of the Kul family, in fact all of them since time immemorial, has been educated at the same school: The Guru Kul Grammar School. Well, earlier it was called The Guru Cool Grammar School, if truth be told, since its founder-principal was a pretty cool guy. But after his sudden and sad demise, they decided to rename the school after the family of their most prolific students. Oh, and by the way, the moto of the Kul family is "Thanda Thanda Cool Kul".
J. R. R. Tolkien once came to India when the Kul empire was at its greatest. It is from their surname that Tolkien got the idea to name one clan of Orcs as the Kull. Not because our Kuls were warlike, rather because, as I said at the very outset, they were mishappen and grotesque. Eat that!