Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, recently I read "The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions" by Mario Puzo. There was was piece that made of read it again and again. Though I could not understand some of it, I loved all of it. Hope you guys enjoy it too. Here its for you, with due respect to, and admiration for, Mario Puzo :

And man has to love someone and since love is not durable...and must did, it follows that a man has to love many times. I'm not talking about lust...or those phony playacting affairs that men act out with complacent women. I mean a desire to love, a willingness to accept pain and humiliation and if necessary to be damaged. Women are more important thu I thought. And that's a really funny line... But it makes of mad...what I always thought a a weakness that a man must have to acquire or keep his strength.
And this is true of women as it is with men. It must be. And since they have even more much more damaged must they be for not being allowed to love.
And so what."


The Cynic said...

i don't exactly get it, but i get it in a twisted way... well, that's something though...

Anjum said...

Insightful, never quite thought that way..