Sunday, July 26, 2009


Death, destruction. Decay and anger,
But to fidelity one is no stranger.
Hate, love. Psychosis and insanity,
Friendship? Start of an inane enmity.
Rotten, smelly. Odorous and fey,
Hell is Heaven, whatever one would say.
Dark, light. Noise and serenity
Idiocy is mostly the dearth of ingenuity.
Screams and shouts, a poor man raving
Where is the love? Is revenge forgiving?
A river of black blood to be drank,
Blood red grass dying on its bank.
A blue, blue sky right there to be killed.
An empty pitcher here, waiting to be filled.
Tomorrow is a hope, yesterday is stale,
Dance, smile, dance in the storm and hale.
A decaying body, a mind so horrendous,
Macabre; a venture of life so tremendous.
A pain, a rain, a licence to kill
Here and now, life and death, a test of will.
Seas of life, that are yet to be seen,
Heaven and Hell, and everything in between.

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The Cynic said...

don't know why it reminds me of those MRCs- lotsa sweaty bodies, heat, and red disco lighting- it always made me a lil crazy.