Sunday, April 15, 2012


A sunny, sweaty day passes by; harassed by many a petty chore,
Here comes the cool and breezy evening, and my spirits soar.
I wait for that moment when I will hear her voice, and let my worries go
To a place where they will be buried tonight; and I will no longer feel low.

She came and we talked, and she sat with her hand held in mine,
She smiled, and she ruffled my hair, the moon never ceased to shine.
Time flew by much too soon, and then we had to part,
We said goodbye and then I left; a heavy stone upon my heart.

It is pouring now, a torrent of water, as it had never rained before,
The gloomy sky where the dark clouds float: emptiness in the core.
No moonlight, no coveted place, where my love would soar.

One more time may I see her face, to the Lord I beseech,
And I contemplate the impossible, as I sit on the sandy beach.
May she be happy, though she is far, far away from my reach.

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