Thursday, November 17, 2016


He barked, stopped, and he barked again.
He barked loud to ease the shearing pain.
Through his bared teeth, spittle drooled,
The show of love didn't have him fooled.
He gnashed his jaws, and pulled on the leash,
He couldn't fathom this agony of his.

She sat in the car, a scared little girl,
Cradling her baby: her living pearl.
Paralyzed she sat, her fear not far,
That rabid dog could reach her car.
It had been days, months and years,
Inside the car, she shed her tears.

After one day, the baby died
Oh' the Mother, how she cried!
She jumped out and strangled the dog,
Her mind was all but a fog.
He yelped once and then was still,
The rapid dog was her only kill.

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