Monday, January 19, 2009


1. If only time stagnated like life tends to..
2. If only life smoked when it burned like a cigarette does..
3. If only life was as easy as the love songs tend to portray it to be..
4. If only the night was as dark as life seems to be..
5. If only medicine had surety as life surely ends in death..
6. If only life was just a bed similar to one on a wedding night..
7. If only life was as predictable as the monsoon rains..
8. If only the corrosive waters of life were as pure as snow..

Why would astrologers and numerologists exist then?


rajarshi said...

Neither would such interesting write-ups, Right?
Life is what it is, and carries on being so, sublimely unaware of such write-ups, am going to forward it a link to this, be sure of that,,,

blackgames said...

You are in contact with life,eh? Whats its orkut profile?! Needed to have a long chat with!