Thursday, January 8, 2009


Why does one get drunk after drinking and not before?
Why can't one shave without a blade in the razor?
Why does soap not lather in the absence of water?
Why do Delhi autos have faulty meters?
Why doesn't a heater work during load-shedding?
Why is a bride and a groom needed to complete a wedding?
Why do some men pick their noses in public?
Why, in The Age of Empires, only monks can fetch a relic?
Why that which barks is called a dog?
And why, oh why, do people blog?!

Have you thought, ever in your life
Why some men fear their wives?
And if you haven't had time to think
Meditate when you blink.

P. S: Ah, now that's what I call ORIGINALITY!


Ramble said...
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Ramble said...
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Ramble said...

Why do we come and go
Go and never come again

Why is red red and green green
Why does black suck and white give away
Why is pink sick and blue always true

Why on earth we travel around sun
Why does time fly only forward
Why is tomorrow never promised
And yesterday always sweet

Why are all girls ugly in morning bed
Why is a smile not the best thing we can do with our lips
Why do the f****** curves always befool us
Why do we prefer a left hand drive in the bedsheet highway

Why do we love power
And succumb to the power of love
Ah ! why do we love someone and hate all others

Why is democracy not natural
And is communism impossible
Why there exist no perfect machine
Why does entropy always increase

Why is a butterfly always beautiful
When all the wars come to an end ?

Why don’t we relax
Why don’t we be sillier than we have been
Why don’t we catch more daisies *
Why dont we catch more chirrups

Why don’t we know the names
Of birds of trees of little kids
Why don’t we find us
In all others
Why don’t we find all
In us

Who is you who is me ??????

And why must the show go on and on ?????

( remember the second law of thermodynamics ????? )

****** with thanks to the blog owner

Well just two days to go for all india

And one last “why”
( convexity ….. Curve ….. bulge ….. What what ???? )

juanita said...

good one!!!! happy new year buddy.

rajarshi said...

Why does life always teach us, many a time with a kick to the tender unmentionables, and why is it that we never can show her a thing or two?
Why does anyone with even half-a-brain always put it to ill-use rather than do some good?
But one thng is for sure,,,what originality..

Vnay said...

enjoyed both the post and ramble's comments.

bahut dino ke baad kuch taaza maal haath laga hai [:)]