Monday, February 23, 2009


The grass is green. Today being Maha Shivartri. Here I was in my room listening to two bhajans(?) dedicated to Lord Shiva. Flipping through some old albums. I saw the photo of an old friend in one of those albums. Well, here's how he got his name.

Perfect Black Body was born on the 20th of May, 1978. He was a few years senior to but we were in the same class since he had been admitted to school a couple years late. Must have had mentel retardation, eh? Whatever. So, he was born at Guwahati Medical College. It hat been an uneventful(!) pregnancy and he was delivered normally. Now, the moment the baby was out of his mother's womb, all the lights in the labour room went zilch. It was pandemonium, the Paeditrician screaming at the nurse to hold the baby tightly. The Obestetrician bellowing out for "A light. A frigging light, someone!" The baby starting to wail in the midst. Someone had a sense to pull out his battered Nokia 1100 (Made for India) and switch on the torch. Poof! Out it goes. A nurse, a big torch, same fate. "Something to do with electromagnetic radiation", the Paediatrician gives his valued opinion. "Candles, idiots! Candles!", the Obstetrician bellows out loud. The useless Intern rushes out to get the candles. Sees a fat, old nurse hurrying past with lighted candles in hand. Rushes on till he reaches his hostel room. Meanwhile, the candles go out the moment the are in the labour room. The Paediatrician swears under his breath. The Obstetrician bellows "Fuck." They both mutter while they set to work in the darkness. Being experienced, they finish by the time a second batch of candles arrive. They doet go out. The lights come back on. The Obsterician looks around and bellows out, "Now, where did our bloody Intern go?"

Now, the baby's maternal uncle was a Professor of Physics at the prestigious Cotton College. He hears of the incident, thinks awhile, and says out loud, "Well, he must be Perfect Black Body. But he imbibes light only when he is in the upturned position". The name stuck as his parents decided it was an important sounding thing.

Man. I mean, what the...


blackgames said...

I had made a gross factual error in this piece which P pointed out to me. So i corrected it. But then my idiot of a quiz partner inspired me to put the original back on, saying whts in hiding ones own mistakes. Right, too.

Vnay said...

partner don't preach???

as long as it brings out the original, i will. Always.

good that you brought it back on, even with the mistake. makes for a better reading

snigdha said...

is the factual error about the nokia phone? if not, then its 2 factual errors.coz i dont suppose there were any nokia phone in India around 1978.

blackgames said...

Yeah mate its about the nokia fone.