Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I am a taxi driver. I run the route between Sibasagar and Jorhat in Assam. Now, there is a river bridge on that route at a place by the name of Gamon. They say that ghosts and ghouls live under that bridge. I don’t believe that shit.

So, this monsoon night, I had dropped off a family at Sibasagar. I am driving back home in an empty cab, finding no passengers on the way back. I see this lady with a bundle in her hand, standing on the bridge. The rain had stopped a little while back, but she is wet to the bone. I stop the car.

“Yes”, I ask
“Please help me and my baby”, she says, “there is a witch here who eats babies. I was alone at home when I felt her coming for my child. I am a widow and I don’t have any neighbours. So I ran away. Please take me to a hospital. My son is sick and hungry.”

I let them into the car. “Please don’t look back”, she says, “I have to breast feed my baby”.

“Okay”, I say and start driving.

After a little while, I hear munching sounds coming from the back of my car.

Crunch. Munch. Is this lunch?

I don’t want to look back but I can’t stop myself. I am curious. I adjust the rear view mirror. I see her eating her baby. She looks up and bares her lips. She says through bloodied teeth "I told you not to look back. I will have to eat you too. Eat. You. Alive. I am not hungry”.

I sigh. Now, I am dead…